Sunday, December 14, 2008

Thank you for the Christmas gifts Mr. Steinbrenner

As long as I can remember and for no other reason than simply being a fan, Mr. George Steinbrenner, the boss himself, always brings holiday cheer by improving my beloved Yankees and bringing that holiday spirit my way. I know the holidays are on their way when the New York Yankees, the greatest franchise in sports, gets a gift for the fans that hopefully keeps on giving and brings a smile. No other team does this year after year like the Yanks do and this is part of the reason that its such an empire. The owner cares about winning as much as, if not more than the fans. I may not always agree with who comes and goes, but every December there is another gift of hope for the upcoming season. In my lifetime, that I can remember there have been many gifts in December and they are:

1991--Danny Tartabull, come on, he was on Seinfeld

1992-Jim Abbott-later threw a no-hitter the following season, Jimmy Key-was a big game pitcher for the 1996 season particularly, Wade Boggs-another Boston great realizing that greatness is further south in the Bronx---think riding that horse

1993-Louis Polonia-stole some bases

1994-Jack McDowell-middle finger to the fans, gotta love it, Tony Fernandez-last great Yankee shortstop before #2 Derek Jetah

1995-Resigning Wade Boggs, David Cone-most dominating big game pitcher I can remember as a Yankee, Tim Raines-1996 Championship alum, Mariano Duncan-1996 Championship alum

1996-Mike Stanton-special lefty reliever added greatness to bullpen for years

-Chilli Davis-on the 1998 and 1999 championship team-power hitting DH, Scott Brosius-2001 game 4, 1998 World Series MVP

1998- Resigning of David Cone and Bernie Williams, keep greatness with greatness

-Roger Clemens-love him or hate him now, then, one of most dominating pitchers ever

- Dwight Gooden-back again after winning World Series and throwing no-hitter in 1996, Luis Sojo-underappreciated, got big hits and did all the little things right

2001-Jason Giambi-"if you can't beat em, join em", Rondell White-fast outfielder, Robin Ventura-sweet swinging third basemen from the Mets, David Wells-coming back again Boomer

2002-Todd Zeile-from the Mets, Jose Contrares-Cuban dominant pitcher, later won World Series with White Sox in 2005, Hideki Matsui- Godzilla-Japan's Babe Ruth in the house that Ruth built, Resigning-Clemens and El-Duque

2003-Javier Vasquez-hard throwing pitcher, Kevin Brown-Won World Series with Marlins-big game pitcher, Miguel Cairo-all the little things, Ruben Sierra- came back bigger and better, Aaron Boone-just hit that Home Run here's a contract, oh you got hurt, we need a third baseman.......Alex Rodriguez-contract is huge but this guy can play, 2007 season I have never seen anything like it, Gary Sheffeild- loved him, Torre comments-fahget you, Tom Gordon-good in relief for a bit

2004- Randy Johnson-doomed from the start but in his prime never better, Tino Martinez-back in pinstripes good to have it happen, Carl Pavano-big contract for a guy who pitched maybe 20 times in 4 years for 40 million dollars, each start about 2 million dollars

- Johnny Damon-the tradition continues, Kyle Farnsworth-big name big joke, Octavio Dotel-big name, DL

2006- Kei Igawa-lotta hype no delivery, Andy Pettitte-welcome back with that stare and cutter, big time

2007- Alex Rodriguez-couldnt have opted out at a better time I didnt even realize the Sox
won the series because everything was AROD this and AROD that, huge, Andy Pettitte-one year deal

2008-C.C. Sabathia-biggest contract in baseball history for a pitcher, 2007 Cy Young award
winner, could have had one this year in the NL, we'll see, but thank you, A.J. Burnett- Dominant right handed pitcher, another large contract, thank you George

There is probably more to come before the holidays are over, but I am excited, New Ballpark, New Faces, big time....Go Yankees.......

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

NFL Picks Week 15

Last Week: 11-5

Season Totals: 115-60

Winners are in bold

New Orleans at Chicago
Tampa Bay at Atlanta
at Cincinnatti
Detroit at Indianapolis
San Diego
at Kansas City
Green Bay at Jacksonville
Seattle at St. Louis
San Francisco at Miami
Buffalo at NY Jets
Tennessee at Houston
Minnesota at Arizona
at Carolina
Pittsburgh at Baltimore
New England
at Oakland
NY Giants at Dallas
Cleveland at Philadelphia

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cannabis Sativa

As many of you know, I was in love with drugs and had a passionate affair with Mary Jane. I loved everything about this wonderful plant, the look, texture, smell, colors, taste, and best of all the sensation she gave me when I smoked her. Mary Jane by herself was trouble for me because she would always bring her friends Allison and Candy. Then they run my life like bad women do. Anyways, this blog is not about my romances with these ladies but I feel the need to write about my old friend Mary. I havent smoked her in almost 5 years, but I smell her once in awhile and see her once in awhile too. Shes with alot of other people now and all they all say the same thing, shes not that bad.

I agree with this statement. Since the arguement is always if alcohol is legal so should marijuana and since that is the most frequented arguement I'll put my two cents in. As someone who abused them both aggressively for about a decade I would have to say that I would prefer marijuana to be legal as to alcohol. Since I have started counseling clients and attending further education courses I have seen and heard many issues associated with alcohol that are not associated with even heroin. The main one being that more people die when they stop using alcohol then when they stop using heroin. This is true and it is scary. "Normal" people dont see this or think this. The body of a long term heroin user would be a great improvement to a body of a long time alcohol user. The statistics for cirrhosis of the liver is as impressive as those for cigarettes and cancer but people dont see that. Every time a person drinks cells are destroyed in the liver, your bodies main organ for cleaning itself and keeping poison out. Alcohol also is banned by more religions then marijuana which is encouraged among, hindus, natives, muslims, some sects of buddhism and of course the rastafari'.

Think about it...who would you get in a car with? (1)a person who never smoked pot before and just did, (2) a pot smoker who had never driven while high and was just about to, (3) a pot smoker who drives high all the time, (4) a person with any amount of alcohol in them. I would hope for your sake and the sake of those who care about you, that you wouldnt pick #4. As we all know the dangers of drinking and driving there are virtually no dangers to smoking weed and driving, yes that is what I am saying. Any tests that have been done to show that people on marijuana are impaired are false becuase they ask people to smoke marijuana who dont smoke marijuana and then have them drive cars when they have never driven before, in that case pot would affect driving, but thats not reality. People who are stoned generally focus more on what they are doing because they are aware of the effects of marijuana. To be stoned and aware that one is forgetful you would compensate and follow what is going on so that even if you forget you are aware, whereas with alcohol you dont know what is going on and if you do you arent drinking enough or you may have a problem.

I would much rather be around 100 stoned on pot people than 100 drunks any day of the week, it makes for a happier society. I am not saying to make alcohol illegal but I hope that people are truely aware that alcohol and cigarettes are the two leading killers in this country. Think about what a hangover feels like and how painful it can be. There is no hangover from pot.

thats all for now....check you later man!!!

NFL Picks Week 14

Last Week: 12-4

Season Totals: 104-55

Winners are in bold

Oakland at San Diego
Jacksonville at Chicago
at Detroit
Houston at Green Bay
Cleveland at Tennessee
Cincinnati at Indianapolis
Atlanta at New Orleans
Philadelphia at NY Giants
NY Jets at San Francisco
New England at Seattle
Kansas City at Denver
Miami at Buffalo
St. Louis at Arizona
at Pittsburgh
Washington at Baltimore
Tampa Bay
at Carolina