Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dave Matthews Band Bristow, VA 7/27/13

Night two was a short drive from VA Beach and the weather was not so nice.  It was humid and stormed on and off the entire day and throughout most of the end of the show.  Gogol Bordello was a highly entertaining opener and brought a ton of energy to the show.  This will be remembered as my wife's 50th show as it was one of the best shows of the summer and so many fun, rare, exciting songs to hear.  Highlights were the opener that I have wanted to see and hear forever...Ants Marching (instant energy), definitely the rare of rare Crazy Easy, Old Dirt Hill, Long Black Veil on, what a run #41, Grey Street,Take Me to Tomorrow, Dont Drink the Water, You and Me and Two Step.  The encore got the rare Spoon as well.  Great way to end the first leg of the tour and we will pick it up in a month when they start again in Colorado!

1. Ants Marching
2. Big Eyed Fish
3. Granny
4. (Snow Outside)
5. Belly Belly Nice
6. Old Dirt Hill
7. Louisiana Bayou
8. If Only
9. Runnin Down a Dream
10. Crazy Easy
11. (Kill the Preacher)
12. Why I Am
13. Long Black Veil
14. #41
15. Grey Street
16. Take Me To Tomorrow
17. Don't Drink the Water
18. You and Me
19. Two Step
20. Some Devil
21. Spoon
22. Pantala Naga Pampa
23. Rapunzel

Friday, September 20, 2013

Dave Matthews Band Virginia Beach, VA 7/26/13

Had another great privilege to see our band perform two great shows to close out leg one of their summer tour in Virginia, the first of which was at Virginia Beach.  We got to spend the day at a beautiful beach on a beautiful day and watch the dolphins swim in the water not more than 50 feet from us.  We love this venue, as it is smaller than most, quick drive from the beach, beautiful setting, and the band always brings it at this venue.  Last years stop was one of the best of the tour.  We were also very excited to see SOJA again as they are a fun band with some good grooves.  This year VA Beach didn't fail to deliver.  Highlights of the show being Kit Kat Jam, a funky Satellite, Lover Lay Down, Digging a Ditch, and a slamming Rapunzel.  Great show and the next night was even better!

1.  You Might Die Trying 
 2.  Don’t Drink the Water 
 3.  Seven 
 4.  If Only 
 5.  Satellite 
 6.  Belly Belly Nice 
 7.  Louisiana Bayou 
 8.  Take Me To Tomorrow 
 9.  Kit Kat Jam 
10.  Rooftop 
11.  Lover Lay Down 
12.  (Dont Fear) The Reaper 
13.  Gaucho 
14.  Grey Street 
15.  Digging a Ditch 
16.  Jimi Thing 
17.  Pantala Naga Pampa 
18.  Rapunzel 

-------- ENCORE -------- 
19.  The Space Between 
20.  Granny 
21.  Shake Me Like a Monkey