Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why I Am

Why do you do what you do? Why do you talk that way? Why do you work a certain job? Why do you enjoy certain things? Why do you get mad at other things? Why are you the way you are? This is a tough question that not many people ever get asked or ever really think about, they just do. Go through motions day by day accepting reality as is and trying to make the best with the great reasoned question being why are we here? what is the purpose? but beside humanity as a whole do people really ask people these questions? No, do people ask themselves these questions? most likely the answer again is no. These are some very important questions though because they define your life.
I ask myself these questions quite frequently. Why am I in school? to further my abilities to help people that are like me, Why do I wear shorts year round? cause comfort in life is very important to me and with a short time here on earth I want to be comfortable, plus the south is beautiful. Why do I get up each day? the love that creates itself with unexpected moments and opportunities that can only be discovered by arriving at that point at the right time? Why do you work the job you work? because, if I could help someone in any way like so many people helped me then my life will have passed on to another and my experiences and struggles can help another person to relate or identify and pass on to someone else. Why do I date Desiree? She is not only the most beautiful person I know but a true deep source of inspiration, happiness, strength, passion, and the most abundant source of love I have ever experienced, can't even put into words. Why do I love Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan, and Grateful Dead? Many different reasons but bottom line they rock my soul. Why am I sober each day? Because I would have been dead by now and nothing in my life has purpose while on chemicals.
I only know some aspects of myself but they are important ones to me. Which is another question Why are they important? These questions are important to ask because with such a short time to live the time should not be wasted on things that are not of meaning or importance in your life. Is the stress of a job or relationship worth the cost of time that passes and frustration that it causes or should the time be spent in a job that you enjoy or a relationship that fulfills a part of you? Is the anger towards a situation worth the scars of your hope that remains after the guilt has subsided? Why not do things that you want to do and not what you have to do? If you want love in your life do loving things in your own life.
It all comes back to awareness. Awareness of yourself, your spot in life, your situation and an honesty with that. For me its love. Love of people, places, music, sports, information, spirituality, animals, nature, struggles, all of it. There is love in everything as we are here out of love itself. I enjoy finding that love in the smallest of places. The forgotten places, the hidden places, with people who do not have the chance to experience love, the people who cannot feel love, the love the comes from the sun every day and from the stars every night. Perspective.
So I dare everybody to ask yourself these questions. To be honest and take the chance of trusting your instincts. Life is too too short. Any minute any of us can disappear. Are these the dreams you had or intended, is there something you want to do. When you live full out your dreams you are free as it is your God given right. When I got sober and have stayed sober, anything life throws at me I cannot lose. Chemicals almost killed me but I am still here 5 years later trying to help other people not die from chemical use. When you extend that mentality to your whole life, that you cannot lose, there is no limit to what you can achieve. I recently read a quote from the amazing professional surfer Kelly Slater and he states that "You are who you are until you start becoming aware of yourself. Then you start to have choices of who you are. Then you get a new life". I dare all of you to answer those questions. I have and that is Why I Am!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Boss

Had the great opportunity to see "the Boss" Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band this past Saturday night in Greensboro, NC and was thoroughly entertained and inspired. I have no idea where the nickname comes from but after seeing the man who turns 60 this year rock a stage like a twenty year old on speed with the ability to rock a crowd that has not gone away for over 30 years now, I get it....HE IS THE BOSS!!!!
The show began with a rip roaring badlands and was followed by song after song with not a dull moment or a chance to get your breath. I have been to many arena shows in my lifetime but have not heard one nearly as loud as the Boss gets it as he is one of the four bands ever to shake Madison Square Garden while playing a live show. Usually one song would go into another song with no breaks in between but when there was a break in between the interaction with the fans was amazing. At one point he took signs from the audience to the stage while saying that the fans always try to stump them with hard songs as on each of the signs was a request for a song for the band to play. He picked the first sign which was the song entitled "7th son" a real old old song with no relation to Springsteen and the band played it perfectly the first time. Then he took another sign this time "hang on sloopy" and asked Stevie Van Sandt what key, hummed the melody asked if the band was ready, got a note played response, asked if the crowd was ready then slammed into a song they never played and did it with energy and perfection. I have never seen anything like that. Later in the show he let a girl all of 10 years old sing his songs while the band played and the crowd cheered and then let the crowd strum his guitar while he adjusted the chords during Born to Run. This is probably why many bands such as the great David Bowie, Pearl Jam, and Lou Reed have said that seeing Bruce live way back when let them know what a live show is supposed to be about the man is 60 and ran around like a teenager.
Then before the encore he advocated for the North Carolina food banks and when the crowd was dull with thier response he advocated some more until he got his point across followed by some advocacy against the death penalty which is a touchy subject down these parts. I was also shown a picture of Bruce close up by one of the security seating people on his cellphone. He said that Bruce took the time to meet every employee of the Greensboro Colesium before the show began. This is a blue collar hard working now rock star legend who never forgot where he came from and is humble and gracious enough to give back what he can.
This was my second time seeing Springsteen. My first was with the Seeger Sessions Band which was a 19 peice folk band that played classic folks ballads. That show was one of my favorites that I had ever been to just because Bruce is a performer, an entertainer and truely is the Boss. I didnt know one song of his the first time I saw him and I only knew a handful of songs the other night, my first time with the E Street Band, but I learned that whether or not I knew a song, the Boss told me at the beginning of the show that he would rock my soul with his music and he truely did. I left that show in awe of the history, the energy, the rockstar, the band, the man, and his message. Once again one of the best shows I have ever seen. Probably the greatest live performer I have ever seen. I advise anyone who hasnt to see the BOSS as he truely delivers and never disappoints thats why he is THE BOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!