Monday, September 28, 2009


Its amazing how being busy can be an excuse for so many things and nothing all at the same time. Being in school and working has its stresses and I am someone who always excells in having fun as well, putting all this together can be tiresome and draining but there are a few things that I think I have figured out. The first of which is a mantra of some of my classmates and makes a great deal of sense when you are buried in paperwork like I am on a daily basis, work smarter not necessarily harder. I come from a family of hardworkers and worked forty to fifty hours a week all through junior high and high school which maybe added to why I dropped out, but thats another story, point being, I can work very hard, but that isn't always enough. Sometimes it helps to work smart to see the end before you get there and take a smarter approach of how to get there. Obviously this does not apply to everything but paperwork, most definitely. Second is to love what you do. I hate waiting tables at this point of my life so much so that I dread going, don't know exactly why...just do. I love counseling people. I love working with them through their problems, I love a challenge I love to struggle, I love being a part of that process...helping someone else. I would work that job plenty hours of overtime and be completely happy, I look foward to going there. I think that this makes a huge todays economy you cannot always do what you love but then that may be in the perspective you take. Third of course is so leave work at work and have fun. We can all get wrapped up in the day to day leaving things undone feeling as if the pile gets bigger, but if you never do anything to lighten that load to take a moment and enjoy this life, the only life you may be given then really whats the point. Kiss your wife, do something you love, enjoy nature, enjoy family nothing in this life is permanent it changes all the time. Busy is a sorry excuse and excuses are like assholes...everybody's got one....don't make excuses and don't live in regret, life is too short...all for now

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer 2009

It's been awhile since there was a post here but that is all for good reason. I had an excellent summer that was filled with alot of work and alot of fun. The greatest part of the summer was getting engaged to my girlfriend of 4 years in June. I never thought of getting married or planned on it so this was an awesome moment in my life. Despite being in school all summer long, I experienced an immense amount of relaxation and fun.
Beginning with seeing the Dead play in Greensboro, NC the live music kicked off and would never stop, there was 2 Dave Matthews shows in Charlottesville, VA where they are from with some of our great friends, Springsteen, the Boss in Greensboro, NC, Dave Matthews again in Raleigh and Charlotte which included the opening band the Avett Brothers who are now some of my favorites, another two epic Dave Matthews shows at SPAC in Saratoga, Springs, NY, Bob Dylan in Durham, Willie Nelson in Durham, Billy Joel and Elton John in Washington D.C., as well as a Beatle, Paul McCartney in Washington D.C. and to top it off with front row dead center the band less than 10 feet away another Dave Matthews Band show at Woodstock. I cannot tell you which was the best or the most fun because they were all unique and crazy in their own way. I will say seeing a Beatle play Beatles tunes was a jaw dropping experience, and SPAC DMB two shows right after getting engaged were mind blowing.
Had alot of fun at sports events as well. Starting with watching the Phillies beat up on the Nationals at the nice ballpark in Philly, followed by two games at the new coliseum in sports the New Yankee Stadium one of which was the epic 15 inning 2 run walk off ABOMB from AROD against the second rate Boston Red Sox. Also, got to watch the Giants practice in Albany and the horses race in Sartatoga.
Also, my fiancee and my sister each graduated college this summer and have each progressed to starting Grad school and Law school. It has been a wonderful summer, one of the best of my life, truely unforgettable. All these fun things happened while taking summer classes and working so people have fun, live in the moment, go with the flow, do things that bring you and others in your life happiness. Life is too short to say next year or next tour, jump in with no regrets.....more to come.....