Thursday, November 29, 2012

been awhile

Been almost a whole year since a post on this blog and what a year it has been.  Too much to catch up on and write about, but an incredibly busy exciting a fun year that I am very lucky and grateful to have experienced.  Of course we traveled alot.  We went to such beautiful places as Annapolis, Baltimore, DC, Tampa, Virginia Beach, Lake George, Saratoga Springs, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, La Jolla, Pittsburgh, and of course the Carolina's.  We hiked, swam, danced, ran, enjoyed many long walks, and many sunsets.  We are new car owners, have a new lawyer in our lives, soon to have a new nephew or niece, and have had new and old jobs in this last year.  There were challenges, as well as ups and downs, but to come out there otherside and feel great about it, makes it all the more special.  Of course there were many sporting events (Yankees! in five different cities, ECU football, Chavez Ravine) and many concerts (DMB x 4 with more to come, The Wall, RHCP, Sir Elton and NYE with the Avetts and Amos).  We have been very fortunate to have this past year be as great as it was.  We had great times with close friends and far away friends.  The best part about this last year was that we spent alot more time with family.  From several different areas of the country we got to spend more time this year with family than any other year in recent memory.  We got to have our first Thanksgiving, at our place, for family.  And of course, with the holidays coming up, we will spend more time with family.  Not every year will we be this lucky as changes happen all the time, but it is important to enjoy it while you can and enjoy the people you share it with.  Life is short, fragile, and totally unpredictable.  Enjoy it!