Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dave Matthews Band Caravan Chicago

It has been some time since a blog has been posted on this site, but it has been a very busy, fun, and eventful summer.  Jobs have been busy and growing and travel has been even busier.  My wife was off for 10 weeks this summer and we were home for all of two of them.  Apologize for the lack of writing and to play catch up, some words and pics from our trip to the great city of Chicago.  The two of us have always been interested in going to Chicago as it is the only other city in the US that is big enough to rival NYC.  We have thought about living out in Chicago as it is a great city, democratic, good education and people, and is half way between our two favorite places, Seattle and NY.  As she has the summer off and DMB was playing another festival with some of our other favorite bands we decided, why not.  It was one of the best trips and decisions we made all year.  The people were incredibly friendly, the city was the cleanest I have ever been to, people were young as the average age is 30, the food was out of this world (no pretension, or prices, just damn good) and as it pains me to say as a New Yorker, their stuffed pizza (not the shit at Uno) might be better than NY pizza if you can call stuffed pizza pizza and not just cheese and tomato pie.  The art, architecture, history, and love of all things Chicago that was evident everywhere we went and with everyone we talked to will make it really difficult to pick against Chicago when deciding where to live and raise a family (although we went in the peak of summer and not in the brutal winter).
The Dave Matthews Band was again awesome.  They played my wife's favorite song that she has always wanted to hear them play and that they had not played since 2004, Joyride, and Dave also played a song that he wrote that morning called "Sweet".  Dave and Tim played a great set the next day and DMB did as well later that night.  We finally got to see Umphrey's McGee who were stellar as well as a kick ass set from Moe..  Below are some set-lists and photos.  Again, this is a month old, I will be catching this blog up as things start to get calmer.

Friday  Jul 8 2011

Big Eyed Fish

Don’t Drink the Water

Pantala Naga Pampa

Write A Song

You Might Die Trying

Out Of My Hands 

Louisiana Bayou

Funny The Way It Is

Joy Ride

Corn Bread

What Would You Say

Dive In

You and Me

Good Times Bad Times

Tripping Billies

Sweet *
Stay Or Leave

Jimi Thing

Shake Me Like a Monkey
 Stay (Wasting Time)

Saturday  Jul 9 2011 

Burning Down The House

Break Free

Why I Am

Proudest Monkey

Black Jack



Lying In the Hands of God

Alligator Pie

Lie In Our Graves

Too Much

Crash Into Me

Grey Street


A Whiter Shade of Pale
Time Bomb

Two Step